Arbitration has become increasingly popular in the past few years as the means for obtaining a definite settlement between two parties. It is usually agreed upon the closing of a contract between two parties and has become a low cost alternative to the traditional court which requires little paperwork. Parties also prefer arbitration because it is not subject to appeal in the courts. It requires representatives to boldly defend their clients’ interests along with a touch of finesse when communicating with the arbitrator and the other party.

Lutfi & Co’s team is equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to represent their clients during a cause in both domestic and international arbitration.  Our lawyers have the necessary expertise to represent clients in arbitration conducted under the rules of most major domestic and international arbitration bodies. Our lawyers cumulatively are qualified and authorized to practice in several jurisdictions with different legal systems. The diversity in the training, knowledge, skills and experience of of our lawyers is of particular advantage in international arbitration and dispute resolution proceedings.   Our know-how guides our clients smoothly through the process of arbitration and grants them the desired results.

We have an extensive repertoire of arbitration cases, some involving individuals and small companies, others concerning major corporations with millions of dollars at stake. Regardless of the case value, we aim at providing the highest quality service for our clientele given that their satisfaction is our priority.

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